Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Modeling Expected Behavior

I'm always amazed at the impressive behaviors we get from our DSMS students.  They are respectful, kind, compassionate, caring, and understanding.  We are very lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to work with our kids every day.

Last night, DSMS hosted a community meeting regarding the possibility of closing 3 elementary schools, including Sandpiper Elementary School, one of 5 current PVUSD elementary schools that feed into DSMS.  I would imagine there are few educational scenarios that could be more emotional and personal than the possibility of closing a school.  During the meeting last night, Sandpiper parents had the opportunity to make public comments to the PVUSD Superintendent and his Cabinet.  Given the emotion involved in this process, I anticipated the event might include some awkward moments.

I could not have been more impressed with the Sandpiper parents, who reinforced what I have long known about the families in our community.  They were reflective, articulate, and understanding.  They were unbelievably professional while commenting on a scenario that couldn't be more personal.  They were aware of the opposing perspective and kind in the way they voiced their disagreement.

As I sat in the back of the room observing, I couldn't help but draw the connection between the impressive behavior of the parents and the way their children carry themselves at school each day.  Through a very difficult process, the Sandpiper parents were teaching their children how to appropriately advocate for what they want.  They were modeling expected behavior and it was a valuable lesson for parents in all communities.

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