Thursday, October 4, 2012

For years I have said that if you love kids, teaching is the greatest job in the world.  I was a middle school teacher for 9 years (primarily 8th grade science) and I flat out loved every minute of it.  When I left the classroom 7 years ago to pursue my interest in administration, I left a big piece of my heart in the classroom.  I'm grateful my teaching experiences were so enjoyable.  My fondness for the classroom helps keep me connected with the kids and I hope, makes me a better principal.

Tomorrow, I will have the pleasure of going on a field trip with the 20 newly elected members of the DSMS Student Council, and their sponsors Mrs. Erwin and Mrs. Kendrick.  I will lead them through a series of exercises, activities and discussions that will help prepare them for their roles as leaders on our campus.  My hope is that the group of 20 individuals will form relationships resulting in efficiency, honesty, and integrity as they work together to help shape the direction of DSMS this school year.

Selfishly, I'm unbelievably excited to spend tomorrow back in the classroom with an outstanding group of kids, working together to achieve a common goal.  It doesn't get any better than that.

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